Shadows of the Past is a small group of friendly players. We range from casual to hardcore and most kin activities take place late evenings/nights (EST) - though don't be surprised to find impromptu skirmishes or other group activities at any time since we have members on both coasts as well as Hawaii, Canada and New Zealand! We enjoy raiding when we can, and are always looking to better our toons with end-game content in mind. Also, we tend to be ‘alt junkies’, with most of us having multiple lvl 65 toons and many more still up-and-coming. Most of us are crafters as well, and SMK on many toons. While we happily craft for kinmates, we’re very careful to not take advantage of each other. We are a fun-loving group, and though most of us have known each other for quite a while, we look forward to meeting new players and making new friends!

Shadows of the Past is looking for players who share the same friendly, laid-back mentality that we all try to maintain. We want players who are willing to work for what they need and who are willing to give of their time or assistance to kin and community. We do have our own Vent server, and prefer kin members at least have the ability to listen even if talking is not an option. We don’t have rules regarding playtime or hours logged etc. Our loot rules are very basic- no DKP or other fancy methods, usually just a simple roll/pass or /roll suffices. We expect only a willingness to help and be considerate of other players. Although, a sense of humor is a must, as we have a few rebels who rather enjoy a good death or two (while taking as many people as possible with them)!

If our kinship sounds like someplace you could call home, please look for us in game or send mail to any officer listed below. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Hope to see you soon!

Dreadbones / Rizzi / Makarie/ Kriock / Rizzar / Rizze / Rizi - Kin Leader

Sliv / Slivir / Slyvir - Officer